The Washington Post: Get a piece of ‘Justified’

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The Washington Post Reported 04/21/15 (View Article) by Neely Tucker

Boyd Crowder
You see that shirt Boyd is wearing, above? You can have it. That cool horseshoe ring Raylan always wore? Yours, for the right price! That weird little armadillo statue on Art’s desk? Even — wait for it — a rubber pig’s head that was a prop in Limehouse’s slaughterhouse? YOURS, cousin.

Some 792 “Justified” items are up for auction RIGHT NOW on, a two-year-old prop-selling website that offers wardrobe items, thingamajigs and whatnot from television shows. The site partners with studios for their on-set stuff, then sells it when the show’s run is finished. You have to outbid your fellow fans, pay a 24 percent buyer’s premium, then cough up the shipping — but if you want that ice bucket from Wynn Duffy’s hotel room? It, and a certificate of authenticity, can be yours.

The auction started April 19 and closes this Sunday (April 25) with a rolling gavel time on each item. Lots still being contested — meaning bids are being placed within 60 seconds of one another — will go until someone blinks.

Screen Bid CEO and co-founder Jeffrey Dash, who worked on the photography side of the entertainment industry for years, says he saw a business opportunity in the warehouses of film and television lots, where props and wardrobes went to die.
“There was nothing standard in the industry” about how to dispose of the sets, he says. “We saw a lot of authenticity issues on eBay — people didn’t know if the things they were buying were real. Our COAs are signed by studio execs and the head of archives, and fans have a comfort level with that.”

The business started with the “Breaking Bad” auction in 2013. Auctions so far for shows like “Sons of Anarchy,” “True Blood” and “Boardwalk Empire” have featured hundreds of item from each show, and have a 99.98 sell-through rate, Dash says. People buy ashtrays, empty bottles, T-shirts. Highest price paid so far: From “Breaking Bad,” Walt’s copy of “Leaves of Grass.” It went for $65,500.

“The bidding is pretty much collectors versus fans,” Dash says. “But mostly it’s fans who want a keepsake from a show that they’re emotionally attached to, and it’s gone off the air.”

On just the second day of bidding for “Justified” memorabilia, 75 percent of all items — including a pair of red Speedo underwear and a tape dispenser — already have drawn the minimum bid of $25. The iconic hat that Raylan (actor Timothy Olyphant) sported isn’t up for sale, but his horseshoe ring is at $3,500 and his leather gun holster is at $825. That worn-out copy of “The Friends of Eddie Coyle” that Raylan had in the final episode, a shout-out to the late Elmore Leonard? You wouldn’t pay more than $1 for it at a bookshop, but it’s at $525 and counting.

And hey, look here: Like that black leather dress Katherine Hale wore to the Pizza Portal? Avery Markham’s suit and snazzy bolo tie? You don’t even have to steal it from Boyd Crowder.

Bid responsibly, boys and girls.