The LA Times: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ bikes, clothes, gear up for auction

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The LA Times Reporting on the FX-Screenbid Sons of Anarchy Auction 12/16/2014 (VIEW ARTICLE).

“The popular TV series “Sons of Anarchy” is now history.
But fans can kept the show alive and own a piece of it: Motorcycles, apparel and props from the F/X series are up for auction this week via ScreenBid, an online auction house.

Going under the gavel are the rebuilt 1946 Harley-Davidson knucklehead ridden by the show’s hero, Jax. Also up for sale are Jax’s leather boots, helmet and white Nike sneakers, as well as the Harley ridden by the show’s Opie and even an Airstream travel trailer, which served on the show as the house of the character Unser.

Prices are not final until the last bid is in, but bidding on leather vests with the SOA logo is holding around $5,000, about the same price currently being bid for that Airstream.
The motorcycles are going for a little more. Jax’s knucklehead is currently at $16,500. Opie’s 2001 Harley Dyna Glide is at $7,200.

Also going under the gavel is … the gavel — the one used to settle disputes, wielded by the SOA president, in the SOA clubhouse. Current bid is $10,500.
The bidding should, by rights, be fierce. The final episode of the seven-season motorcycle melodrama was seen by an estimated 9.25 million viewers — the highest number in the show’s entire run.

Proceeds from some sold items will go to the non-profit foundations Chrysalis, Boots Campaign, and Friends and Helpers.
The auction ends Thursday at noon EST.”