Mens Journal: The Memorabilia Worth Buying From the ‘Mad Men’ Auction Copy

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Men’s Journal Reported August 6, 2015: (VIEW ARTICLE) By Lauren Steele

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The Memorabilia Worth Buying From the ‘Mad Men’ Auction

The series is over, but you can keep the nostalgia of Mad Men alive with this auction of the show’s most iconic props. Lions Gate paired with online entertainment industry auction website ScreenBid to curate a massive 1,384-item catalog, which includes items spanning all seven seasons and the story’s two decades, thanks to show creator Matthew Weiner’s painstaking care in creating authentic wardrobe, furniture, and decor for the period.

Because of the near-endless amount of memorabilia available, you can search the auction for items based on character, season, price range, or keyword (which comes in handy, since there is three pages of ashtrays alone). Bids are set to close between August 6 and August 8 depending on the item, including everything from Don’s Cadillac to retro tchotchkes from the characters’ apartments and offices, starting at $50.

Several of the show’s props and costumes are currently on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and aren’t available for sale, but here are 12 of our favorite pieces from the show’s history that are up for grabs.