EW: ‘Breaking Bad’ Online Props Auction Hauls in Nearly $1 Million

By October 10, 2013 No Comments

By Shirley Li
Entertainment Weekly
Published Oct. 10, 2013

One million dollars might not please Walter White, but it’s no small feat for Breaking Bad‘s online auction.

Hosted by ScreenBid and Sony Pictures Television, the auction sold off 337 items, including props, costumes, and vehicles for nearly $1 million. After going live immediately following the finale, the auction attracted 5,800 users, with 2,000 who entered the bidding and shelled out five-figure final bids for props including Tio’s bell and Tuco’s grill.

The highest winning bid went to Walt’s copy of Leaves of Grass, for $65,500, while the lowest winning bid was a tie between Hank’s boots and Hank’s pajamas, with each pulling in $300. (No worries, ASAC Schader; your Rose Quartz mineral went for hefty $1,800.)

Before the bid went live, we compiled a list of the most intriguing products. Check out the results below:

Most expensive original listing: Marie’s Volkswagen (at $10,000), sold for $10,000

There was only one bid for the car. Betsy Brandt, is that you?

Best cheap listing: Mike’s wallet (at $10), sold for $850

A total of 29 bids fought over Mike’s trusty black leather wallet.

The “is this really from Breaking Bad?” item: brown rock (at $50), sold for $650

We’ll say it again: Really? All that for a brown rock mineral?

Most iconic piece that’s hardest to tastefully display: Walter White’s briefs (at $250), sold for $9,900

Admit it: You were curious about this one. The first pair Heisenberg ever wore garnered 109 bids.

Most iconic piece that’s easiest to tastefully display: Tio’s bell (at $3,500), sold for $26,750

Ding away, lucky bidder. You beat 33 bids.

Most Heisenberg-worthy: Lily of the Valley (at $500), sold for $5,100

It’s a lot for a fake plant, but no one has to know.

The “Why would you want this?!” item: Drew Sharp’s tarantula jar (at $35), sold for $900

Turns out someone did want it and beat 25 other bids in the process.

If you’d like to buy Todd a birthday present: Lydia’s lipstick-smudged mug (at $50), sold for $2,200

Todd’s got competition — 41 bids fought over the mug.

Most useful: Jesse’s Roomba (at $200), sold for $2,500

I won’t argue with this one. It’s practical and iconic.

Creepiest item: Teddy-bear eyeball (at $200), sold for $7,000

This lucky winner grabbed the most expensive Halloween decoration ever.

Most useful but frankly unappealing: Bike lock for murder (at $1,000), sold for $3,400

Er, here’s hoping the buyer will just leave it on display somewhere. Krazy 8 should be rolling in his grave right about now… if only Walt and Jesse had disposed of him that way, of course.

So, tell us: Did you go for any of the items? Anything you wish you could have bought?