Entertainment Weekly: “HBO is auctioning off Richard Harrow’s mask and more from ‘Boardwalk Empire'”

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Entertainment Weekly Reported 1/25/2015: (VIEW ARTICLE) By Esther Zuckerman

One of Boardwalk Empire‘s saddest images—spoiler alert–was that of the mask of Richard Harrow, the show’s facially disfigured World War I vet and hit man with a heart, lying in the sand following the character’s death at the end of the fourth season. A Boardwalk fan can now have that mask. It is being auctioned off as part of a Screenbid auction beginning today.
Since Terence Winter’s expansive drama about the world of 1920s gangsters both real and imagined came to an end last fall, it is now following in the footsteps of other shows like Breaking Bad and True Blood by offering up its props and costumes to fans for a price.
EW can exclusively reveal that the following items will be included in the auction:
Harrow’s mask
The “goddess” dress and headpiece Gillian Darmody wears when performing as Diana for the Commodore in season two
The paintings of Angela Darmody, the murdered wife of the murdered Jimmy Darmody
Al Capone’s mandolin
A coat worn by Margaret in the first season—before she became Margaret Thompson
Margaret’s jewelry case
Eli Thompson’s china set
Nelson Van Alden’s map from when he was a prohibition agent
You can see more pieces up for auction, including Nucky Thompson’s suit from the opening credits, over at Screenbid. The auction ends Jan. 29.