Entertainment Weekly: 10 must-have items from the ‘Mad Men’ auction: Exclusive

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10 must-have items from the ‘Mad Men’ auction: Exclusive

Your exclusive first look at the show’s iconic items that are now up for sale.

When bidding opens on July 31, the official Mad Men auction won’t need an ad campaign from Sterling Cooper & Partners to sell its wares. That’ll be the job of Screenbid, a company that has organized auctions for TV series including Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and True Blood. (ScreenBid declined to disclose opening bids.) Here, your first look at some of the groovy catalog’s items, which can be bid on at from July 31 until August 6.

Don’s 1965 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
Whether showing his kids his childhood home or speeding along Midwestern highways, Don spent many of Mad Men’s final episodes cruising on these four wheels. “It’s a great item, a beautiful car,” Dash says. “It was one of the main things we wanted.” For context: The motorcycle Jax rode on the Sons of Anarchy finale went for a smooth $49,000 in that show’s ScreenBid auction. Ride on.

Don’s 1965 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

Jaguar Media Plan
Lucky Strike, Kodak, Hershey’s, Burger Chef—all quintessential Mad Men pitches, all clients that took a backseat to the Jaguar campaign that consumed the fifth season. The media plan is a storyline-driven item, to be sure, but fans more interested in Jaguar’s human side need not despair: The auction will also offer the emerald necklace Joan (Christina Hendricks) received from fictional Jaguar exec Herb Rennet in “The Other Woman.”

Jaguar Media Plan

Don’s sunglasses
Throughout Mad Men, Don Draper would throw on these Ray-Ban sunglasses and up his already-impressive levels of cool considerably. Unfortunately, his swagger isn’t up for sale.

Don's Sunglasses

Don Draper’s suit
Mad Men’s main character (Jon Hamm) knew how to dress. He may have donned (heh!) more colorful garb as the show progressed, but this outfit is the old standard: a size 42 Brooks Brothers suit, with blue-and-black-checked wool. “We want items for two reasons: They’re character-driven or storyline- driven items,” Dash says. “We wanted to grab the best things for each character.”

Don Draper's Suit

Anna Draper’s engagement ring
Anna (Melinda Page Hamilton) left Don her engagement ring—from the actual Don—in her will, which the former Dick Whitman used in his season 4 proposal to Megan (Jessica Paré). The auction will also offer up the million-dollar check Don cut Megan when they negotiated their divorce…and she returned the ring.

Anna Draper's engagement ring

Vintage Ashtray

Don's Bar Set

Roger’s Faux Alligator Cigarette Case

The Drapers' fondue pot

The Drapers' Fondue Forks