Craving ‘Grimm’ props and collectibles? The official auction starts after the finale

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The Oregonian Reported March 26, 2017 (VIEW ARTICLE)

By: Kristi Turnquist
Are you mourning the end of “Grimm”? Will your life be incomplete without the chance to bid on Nick’s (David Giuntoli) spiked mace and chain, from the Grimm weapons closet? Or Hank’s super soaker? How about Nick’s Oregon driver’s license?

Dry those tears and reach for your credit card, because the official auction of “Grimm” props and collectibles begins online after the “filmed-in-Portland Grimm” series finale airs on Friday, March 31. (Actually, it starts early for those of us on the West Coast; the auction begins at 7 p.m. PT, while viewers here in Portland won’t see the “Grimm” finale until 8 p.m.)

Yes, hundreds of “Grimm” fans lined up and waited in the rain at a recent sale of “Grimm” costumes and props, held in a Northwest Portland warehouse earlier this month. But the really good stuff was held back for this online auction, conducted by ScreenBid.

The online auction features items used by or associated with the show’s main characters, including the mysterious “Treasure of the Knights Templar stick” (starting bid is $75), Monroe’s modern floor clock (starting bid $25) and a mortar and pestle set from Rosalee’s Exotic Spice & Tea Shop (starting bid $25.)

There are also costumes worn by the characters, furniture, the weapons cabinet from Aunt Marie’s trailer, Captain Renard’s (Sasha Roiz) office desk name plate (starting bid $50), and Nick’s Portland Police ID badge (starting bid $75.)

The online auction begins at 7 p.m. PT and is scheduled to continue until 11 p.m. PT on April 6. For details on how to participate, visit the ScreenBid website and the FAQ section.