‘Breaking Bad’: What will happen to the iconic props and costumes?

By September 5, 2013 No Comments

From Lindzi Scharf at Entertainment Weekly…

We’ll learn what happens to Walter, Jesse, and the gang when the final episodes of Breaking Bad begin airing on Sunday, but what has become of the Hazmat suits, that pork pie hat, and the other trademark props and costumes from the AMC series now that filming has wrapped?

EW talked to Breaking Bad production designer Mark Freeborn to find out.

“I think there’s [been] some gifting of small pieces [to cast members], but mainly the elements have remained intact and will be stored,” Freeborn told EW as filming came to an end back in April. “Some of the stuff is so iconic to the show that I know they’ll want to make use of it.”

True to Freeborn’s prediction, key items — including those now infamous Hazmat suits, the pink teddy bear, and that copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass – are now on display at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City. Visitors can view the “From Mr. Chips to Scarface: Walter White’s Transformation in Breaking Bad” exhibit until October 27.

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