Ad Age: The ‘Mad Men’ Prop Auction: 5 Items You Need At Your Agency

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Ad Age Reported August 5th, 2015: (VIEW ARTICLE) By Jeanine Poggi

You Could Own SC&P Business Cards and Draper’s Musings on Advertising

What made AMC‘s “Mad Men” truly unique was its authentic nostalgia, summoned through the great pains which show creator Matthew Weiner has said he took painstaking care in creating.

So it isn’t surprising that some of the series’ most iconic props are fetching interest from buyers in an online auction hosted by ScreenBid. The most expensive item up for auction is Don Draper’s 1965 Coupe DeVille, which has received 60 bids with the current bid at $26,250. Don’s Social Security Card has 34 bids and a high bid of $2,000.

But there are some other, less flashy items, that you could use in your agency office:

Don’s “Why I’m Quitting Tobacco” Newspaper Ad

In season 4, during one of the more memorable moments of the series, Don Draper pens the letter “Why I’m Quitting Tobacco” and runs it as a full-page ad in the Sept. 16, 1965, edition of The New York Times. The faux ad currently has 45 bids with a high of $3,600.

Burger Chef Media Presentation

Credit: Courtesy Lionsgate/Screenbid

Need some help putting together your next pitch? This SC&P Burger Chef media presentation includes budgets, questionnaires ads and more for the food chain. It currently has a high bid of $300 and has received 10 bids.

Roger’s Framed Advertiser of the Year Award

Credit: Courtesy Lionsgate/Screenbid

The award, given on the show to Roger Sterling by the Advertising Writers Society of New York City, currently has 22 bids and a high bid of $1,000.

SC&P Business Cards

Credit: Courtesy Lionsgate/Screenbid

You can pretend Don, Roger, Joan and Peggy are a part of your agency with a collection of business cards for partners and others at SC&P. The collection has 15 bids and a high bid of $850.

Don’s Typed Pages About Advertising

Credit: Courtesy Lionsgate/Screenbid

“It’s bigger than a car. It’s everything.” Don’s ramblings, which he penned during season 6 while in a drug-induced haze, has received 19 bids and a high bid of $750.

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